Erin Sowards

My former co-worker from Golfpac, Michael McHenry, started his own international golf travel agency called The Golf Travel Group. With affiliates setup in Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales, Iceland, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, The Golf Travel Group helps clients book tours, choose hotels and courses, find their bearings on arrival, and explore additional adventures.

I had the luxury golf traveler in mind when I designed the logo and chose the color palette and supporting design map elements. I chose Carrig Pro as the typeface for the logo with its ties to Ireland and traditional classic feel. This helped the company feel established even though it was newly formed. The website uses Leitura News for the serif body copy and Futura as the secondary sans-serif to highlight button text, prices, and property listings.

The project called for a responsive website, which I created by writing custom HTML, CSS, PHP, and a bit of JQuery. On the print side, I delivered a logo, business card, letterhead and envelope. The project was finished in January 2018 and took about four months to complete.