Erin Sowards

Golfpac® Travel provides golf and hotel vacation packages to over 40 destinations in the US and Europe.

The company was sold in August 2016 to Tee Times USA. I created the new HTML & CSS templates using Bootstrap and customized the UI to match the previous design.

Golfpac maintained over one hundred websites. I designed a layout with components that was flexible enough to be used as a template for the different types of property and destination-based websites.

Over the nine years I was at Golfpac, I designed the company logo, brand identity, all website design and layout, program logos, contests, over 500+ banner ads, brochures, direct mail postcards, digital and print advertising, a large-format tradeshow banner, and business cards. I sent the weekly e-newsletter from the internal server, and maintained a photo library with 10,000+ images.