Erin Sowards

Golfpac® Travel

Employee/Contract, 2008–Present

Golfpac® Travel is based in Altamonte Springs, Florida, and provides custom golf packages, vacations, and discount travel specials to over 40 golf destinations.

I’ve designed over 500 banner ads, formatted 10,000 course & hotel images, created graphics for over 60 contests, and designed over a hundred digital and magazine ads for Golfpac.

Golfpac Travel Website

Last Redesign 2015

Golfpac Travel provides custom golf packages, quotes, booking advice and information to over 40 popular golfing destinations.

Golf Orlando Website

Last Redesign 2015 helps golfers decide where to stay and play in Orlando with information on over 75 courses and over 40 hotels and resorts.

Golfpac International Website

Last Redesign 2012

Golfpac International provides sample golf tours to international destinations such as Scotland, Ireland, England & Wales, Portugal, Spain, and South Africa.

The Golfer’s Desk Website

Last Redesign 2015

The Golfer’s Desk is a Golfpac marketing program for hotels that want to promote tee time bookings from their websites.

Orlando Golf Escapes

Designed in 2014, built by Golfpac Travel, shows samples of pre-planned golf vacations for a collection of courses in Orlando.

Travel Perks

Designed in 2010

As a thank you for traveling with Golfpac, each customer receives “Travel Perks”, or coupons, along with their travel documents.

Golfpac Travel

Designed in 2008

For the Golfpac branded logos, I created the swinging golfer based on the old version of the GolfOrlando logo.


Designed in 2008

GolfOrlando uses red, which is not a color used very often in the golf industry, so it really stands out in a crowd of other golf material.

Golfpac International

Designed in 2008

Following the Golfpac brand, the Golfpac International logo switches to blue—a nice tie-in to the color of Scotland’s flag.

The Golfer’s Desk

Designed in 2008

The Golfer’s Desk logo is used on Golfpac websites for hotels that want to package room stays with tee times.

My Trip

Designed in 2008

MyTrip is a section of that allows a group of golfers to access information about their golf vacations.

2015 Sales Kit

The 2015 Sales Kit highlights all the benefits of the Golfpac Travel Preferred Partner Program.

Digital Ad for The Grain


Print Advertising


A sample of a few print ads I’ve designed for Golfing Magazine.

2012–2013 Golf Vacation Guide

The 2012–2013 Golf Vacation Guide offers a magazine-style layout that describes a premium selection of the hotels, resorts and courses that Golfpac works with. About 80,000 100-page brochures were printed and sent in the winter to group leaders as a reminder to book their golf vacations for the following spring.

Direct Mail


As a reminder for group leaders to book their golf vacations, Golfpac sends out groups of seasonal direct mail cards.