Erin Sowards


The work below is older than five years so in many cases the websites are not live or have been redesigned.

Strategic Construction Solutions

Freelance, April 2008

SCS was looking for a simple, clean Web presence. I teamed up with Matthew McMullen, a talented copywriter and former colleague from DigiKnow, to design and build the HTML for Strategic Construction Solutions, an affiliate of Atwell-Hicks, development consultants.

Mock ups

LMNO Theatre Company

Freelance, 2004

The LMNO Theatre Company was based in New York City and strived to comment on social themes through theatrical performance. The LMNO Theatre Company is no longer active.

The People’s Opinion Project

Freelance, 2003

I freelanced for a start up non-profit called the POP. In 2002, the POP’s mission was to encourage dialogue with the Middle East. I designed their logo, letterhead, and business card.

The Foundation for Environmental Research

Freelance, 2002

I freelanced for The Foundation for Environmental Research by creating their logo, letterhead, and business card.

The work that follows represents a portion of my tasks while employed at DigiKnow, a Web Design and Development firm located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Nationwide Arena

Junior Web Designer, 2002

I designed the Nationwide Arena website using elements similar to the print campaign the client was using at the time. The Nationwide Arena is where the Columbus Blue Jackets play their home games. My design is no longer active so I’ve provided a screen capture.

Second Chance Bonus Zone, MDI Entertainment

Junior Web Designer, 2002

MDI Entertainment owned several brands marketed on lottery tickets. They hired DigiKnow to create a series of mini-sites to allow visitors to enter their non-winning lottery tickets in contests to win prizes. None of the sites I designed while at DigiKnow are now active, so I’ve provided screen captures.

Ohio Tourism

Junior Web Designer, 2001

I assisted on the design of by creating the subpages for the site. I was considered the Junior Designer on this project. The URL has been redesigned, so I’ve provided an original screen capture.

Play Hard, Don’t Blink

Junior Web Designer, 2001

This was the first website I designed professionally. The site was for The Ohio Ophthalmological Society to promote eye safety to kids who play sports. The design was meant to appeal to teenagers; I used bold colors and fun sounds. I was responsible for all layout, graphics and flash animation.