Who I Am

I’m a Graphic + Web Designer with over 10 years of experience and I’m learning to make the switch to Front-end Development. My goal is to build sites using clean, semantic code.

What I Do

These are the skills I’ve learned and where I enjoy my work the most.

Graphic Design

My previous experience has given me the opportunity to work on many different types of printed projects—from full-page ads, business cards, envelopes, brochures, posters, and direct-mail postcards.

Web Design

Though I have a lot of print experience, I’m much more interested in Web Design and writing CSS and the HTML structure. I tend to write code that is more backwards-compatible rather than cutting-edge.

Photoshop Mockups

CSS has come far in terms of styling capabilities, and with the predominance of flat design, I find myself using Photoshop less for design mockups and more for direct photo editing.


Either with a detailed pencil sketch, or using InDesign, wire-framing is a fast, easy way to start the design and layout process. I usually create my own wire-framing elements.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web design involves many approaches to enhance the mobile experience. I use fluid width, the order of elements on the page, readable text sizes, and easily accessible top tasks.

Hand-written HTML & CSS

I prefer to write as much code on my own as I can. I do refer to what others have done, but I feel writing my own code helps me to keep my skills fresh and learn new techniques.

E-mail Newsletter Design

Even though e-mail newsletters may seem old-school, they’re still relevant and an essential tool in any marketing toolkit—working very well alongside social media to drive traffic.

Icons & Logos

One particular aspect of my work that I love is designing customized icons and logos. Each icon or logo has to be instantly understood to be effective, and scalable in a variety of sizes.

About Me

At eighteen, I decided to pursue graphic design because I was artistic—my first love was drawing.

Kent State University was only an hour away from the small farm where I grew up in Ohio. From 1995 until 2002, I pursued my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design. I’ve definitely benefited from my decision to pursue design rather than art through the discipline and composition skills I learned.

My first full-time professional position was as a Junior Web Designer at DigiKnow, a design and development firm in Cleveland, Ohio. Back in 2001, I didn’t know a thing about Web design, but I jumped right in and over time I developed a passion for it. I loved the problem-solving aspect of writing efficient HTML and CSS.

Drawing of The Old Apple Tree
The Old Apple Tree

In the fifteen years since I first started, I’ve seen the Web change and grow so much. There are many tools now that are either open-source or built right in to the browser. I’ve gone from using font tags and table-based layout to writing complex CSS entirely separate from the HTML structure. Now I’m looking to grow and update my skills by learning Javascript and entering the front-end development field.

I live in Orlando, Florida. I love the thunderstorms, and unique wildlife that can be found here.