Erin Sowards

I don’t let the belief that designers can’t write code limit me. I’ve been writing my own front-end code for over ten years because it has always appealed to my analytical and scientific side. Having the ability to switch between design and code has been a valuable asset for me.

My purpose in life is to create. It’s nice when that purpose lines up with a need. Being a caring person, I value being able to help a person opening their business, a non-profit with a shared passion, or giving a hand-made greeting card or painting as a gift. Professionally, making websites is more fun and challenging to me than print. The way I make them is always evolving. It’s interesting to me how the web development community invents new ways to do the same basic thing—provide structure (HTML), present content (CSS), interact with behavior (JavaScript), and store information (Databases).

Some facts about me: I’m an INFP. I went to Kent State University and earned a BFA in Visual Communication Design in 2002. While I was there I fell in love with letterpress. I go birding sometimes. I hate the beach, but I love the ocean.

My philosophy is “Be harmless to yourself.”